Get Tomb Raider Trilogy for $30!

Just when I thought it was time for bed, I run across a great deal for PS3 owners on Amazon.

Right now, you can get Tomb Raider Trilogy from Amazon for only 30 bucks. BRAND NEW.

Sure, you could get it used from Gamespot online used for $27.99 (while available), but there may be shipping involved unless you have a local store that has it in stock.

Just so you know what it is, it’s basically three games that were remastered and put on one disc, along with some commentary vids and Trophies. The three games are Tomb Raider: Underworld, Tomb Raider: Legend, and Tomb Raider: Anniversary.

For before and after screens showing the HD makeover, you can go here.

The link is to the right. Go get it!

EDIT: It was the Deal of the Day. Day’s over, back up to $40. Still a good value, though.

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  1. Squared Squared
    April 14, 2011    

    If you didn’t get it yesterday, you missed out. It was the Deal of the Day.

    Thanks for the info, Mikey!

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