Weekly Update: XBL and PSN Deals 4/19/11

Hey guys, sorry I’m a bit late on this one. Between the long hours at work and the exciting opening round of the NBA Playoffs, there hasn’t been much free time for me. Oh, and I forgot to mention I was actually playing some games. But enough about me – I know you want the weekly releases and deals. So here they are.

psn-logo_1 copy 2

Playstation Network

New PSN titles

Red Johnson Chronicles: Episode 1
Price :$6.50 (only for PSN+ users)

Mad Alpha Blocker minis
Price: $3.99 (PSN+ users: $2.00)


Marvel vs Capcom 2
Price: $6.99 (was $14.99)

Blue Toad Murder Files: Episode 1
Price: Free (was $0.99)

Blue Toad Murder Files: Episode 2-6 Bundle
Price: $9.99 (was $13.99)

Source: Playstation US Blog


Xbox Live

New Xbox Live titles

Section 8: Prejudice
Price: 1200 MS Points

The Fancy Pants Adventure
Price: 800 MS Points


3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures 2
Price: 400 MS Points (was 800)

Peggle Nights
Price: 200 MS Points (was 400)

Price: 400 MS Points (was 800)

Plants vs. Zombies
Price: 800 (was 1200)

Price: 400 MS Point (was 800)

Source: Major Nelson

My Thoughts

Kinda interesting to see Red Johnson’s Episode 1 become free for the week while the other parts are still priced quite a bit higher. MvC2 is a great deal on PSN. If you don’t already have it and you like fighters, get it (once PSN is back up, anyway).

On XBLA, ilomilo seems like an interesting game. If I have the time, I might check out the demo to see if I’m going to purchase it. 3D MiniGolf 2 is pretty fun, and I’ve heard the same for Plants vs. Zombies (though I haven’t played it myself). And Section 8: Prejudice has gotten some decent reviews.

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