What I’m Gaming Vol. 6

Welcome back to What I’m Gaming! At the beginning of every week, I post about the games I’ve played in the past seven days and give some quick thoughts and impressions about those games. To see past editions of this feature, click What I’m Gaming.

Sorry for this being a day late, but I’ve been a bit preoccupied. What can I say? Life happens. Moving on…

Games I Played

Iron Man 2 screenshot

Iron Man 2

I received this game from Gamefly about two weeks ago, but I hadn’t touched it until Sunday. I was trying it out and seeing if it was any good, and I realized right as I completed the first level that it was not. This game has one of the things I despise most in a game: bad controls. They are very confusing, and you do a lot of flying in this game – all of it awkward. I tried to take the game out before the Headquarters screen loaded after completion of the first level, but it was too late.

Achievement Unlocked.

This, for once, made me very sad. I did NOT want to continue playing this game, but now I’m forced to (by my need to at least try and max out every game I play). I’ll have to deal with the terrible controls and sub-mediocre gameplay. And a screen that’s little covered in HUDs. Yeah, there’s something in every corner, and sometimes at the top middle, too. Word of advice – do NOT play this game.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer screenshot

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

I finally decided to pick this game back up, after a several month hiatus. I figured I’d work on maxing this game out so I can get rid of it, since it definitely won’t get played again.

For those who haven’t seen or played this game, it tried to take advantage of the X-Men: Legends formula that was so popular at the time, with four player co-op and upgradeable characters. Problem being, it’s based off of the movie and the Fantastic Four just aren’t as awesome as the X-Men. And it graphically looks cheap. This game is definitely mediocre at best, but I’ve only got two more achievements and they’re within sight, so I plan on finishing it.

Army of Two: The 40th Day

Alright – me and the wife played this game TO DEATH this past weekend. We were halfway through the game when we started and ended up seeing all three endings and completed every difficulty along the way. We’ve taken care of most of the achievements for the original game, and are looking forward to playing through the DLC this coming weekend and getting those achievements as well. By the time we finish, all we’ll have left is the multiplayer. Once you are able to get used to the enemies blending until the backgrounds, the game is actually pretty fun.

NBA 2K11

I finally won the NBA Championship in the My Player mode. After becoming the [rookie] Finals MVP, I proceeded to the off-season, where I was given the option to choose among available teams. My choices were to return to the Spurs or join either the Thunder or Heat. As a PG, I decided to go with the Heat. They had three All Stars to dish to and I thought that with a SG like Wade, Coach would stop moving me there. I was wrong. LeBron doesn’t roll to the basket and Coach still plays me at the 2. Heh.

And as usual, I played against my bro. I’ve found his weakness: The Golden State Warriors. Monta Ellis is like kryptonite to Kobe.

Games I Bought

I’m still sticking to my guns and holding out until I complete at least three games. So no new purchases yet.


That wraps up my gaming report for this week. Now it’s your turn – what have you been playing this past week? What new games have you bought?

Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Aaron's Gravatar Aaron
    August 3, 2011    

    Iron Man 2? Fantastic Four? Army of Two? smh
    Waste of time. You should be playing Catherine

    • August 3, 2011    

      You’re right. Iron Man 2 and Fantastic Four are a waste of time. I thought Army of Two was decent, though. I’ll get to Catherine…eventually.

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