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What I’m Gaming Vol. 11

Welcome back to What I’m Gaming! At the beginning of every week, I post about the games I’ve played in the past seven days and give some quick thoughts and impressions about those games. To see past editions of this feature, click What I’m Gaming.

Games I Played

X-Men Destiny screenshot

X-Men: Destiny

Seeing as it was the number seven game on my top 12 most anticipated games of 2011 list, I felt I needed to go pick this up. After all, I love the X-Men universe and it looks like a decent game, plus Kmart has a deal going on this week for it.

It’s a pretty simple game that doesn’t do anything you haven’t seen before, but it feels pretty solid. I spent about three and a half hours playing and exploring it, and when it comes down to it, I’ve enjoyed what I’ve played. It’s strange I haven’t seen any reviews yet, but I’ll be getting one up once I complete it.

Medal of Honor wallpaper

Medal of Honor

As I mentioned in last week’s post, I bought this game for a whole $4.19 from Gamefly. I had the urge to play through it, so I started it up on hard. Aside from a few annoying parts, the game’s hardest difficulty and mostly a cake-walk for any mildly experienced FPS player, but it was still pretty fun. I got all the offline achievements done except for the Tier 1 mode, which requires completing each level in under par time…without dying. Then, on to the multiplayer! Shouldn’t take long.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Yes, the first one. I never completed the campaign, and I didn’t realize I had a copy (I obtained several CoD games from buying a second 360 from Craig list, but didn’t notice it before) so I felt after completing Medal of Honor, I might as well. I’ve recovered from my period of FPS-related burnout and I’m back to shooting things! Anyway, I started over, and I got past where I got stuck in “Charlie Don’t Surf” and stopped at “The Bog.” I’m playing on easy to get the collectibles and other miscellaneous achievements, then I’ll try it on Veteran. Like last time.

NBA 2K10

A good week to turn back the clock, right?

With the release of NBA 2K12 coming next Tuesday, I wanted to work on this game and try to have it maxed out before I move on. I needed to start over on the dreaded My Player mode because my data for it was lost, and then there are a few random ones I never got around to attempting before, so I’ll clean those up. I’m almost done with My Player – just three more games, assuming I don’t get cut from training camp.

NBA 2K11

Yeah, had to get my weekly dose of the current year’s title. Been doing the same old thing I’ve been doing: My Player and random player matches against my bro. I’m getting a bit tired of it, since Tuesday can’t come soon enough. Too bad 2K12 will likely have early server issues. They do every year. Sigh.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

I’m still on my second playthrough in this game, mostly because since I beat it once, I’ve been trying to work on other stuff. I popped it in to continue my quest, only to realize that I am missing an eBook for the “Doctorate” achievement that I can no longer access. If you’re trying for that achievement, do NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT sneak around The Hive. Talk to the Bartender and convince him to let you see the Boss. I got discouraged and turned it back off after that.

Tales of Vesperia

I finally had a chance to pick this back up. All I really NEED to do is go through the final dungeon and beat the game, but I’m spending my time GRADE farming so I can buy all the things I’ll need in my New Game+. There’s a lot of stuff I need to be able to get, so I’ll be farming for a while. At least I found a method where I get around 2000 GRADE in one 20 minute battle.

Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard

It was only Hazard Time for about 20 minutes. I played one level and unlocked a few achievements I was missing and that was it. Very slowly working my way through on Max Hazard difficulty. This game doesn’t lend itself well to replay value.

Soulcalibur IV

I had a friend help me for a few minutes with this game since I only needed to win a few matches online in the maps I hadn’t unlocked yet. I got the “World Traveler” achievement, played with my custom character a bit, then took it out. I’m just not into fighting games like I once was.

Ultimate MK3

A friend asked me to help him try to get his 100 online wins. We tried, but we were unable to connect to any ranked matches. We’ll try again some other time, but I fear the servers may have been taken down.

Condemned 2: Bloodshot

I got a random message from someone who wanted to boost this, so I got on very briefly. It was a one match affair – I kill him and his friend, they kill me, finish the match. I’m now one Serial Killer kill away from the “SKX” achievement and finishing the multiplayer portion. Once I’m done, I might get around to playing the single player, too.

Games I Bought

This week, I bought X-Men Destiny through the aforementioned Kmart deal. I also found some info about a bunch of XBLA games that went on sale; pretty good ones, too. I have only bought Moon Diver so far, but there’s a few more that I’m considering. In case you’re wondering, here’s the XBLA sale list I am referring to.


That wraps up my gaming report for this week. Now it’s your turn – what have you been playing this past week? What new games have you bought?

Let me know in the comments.